Halina Matos

Senior Advisor

Cambridge Family Enterprise Group

Halina Matos is a senior advisor at Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise (CFEG), a highly specialized global advisory firm serving family enterprises. Cambridge Advisors and Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise, an education and research institute, are divisions of Cambridge Family Enterprise Group, a global organization founded in 1989. It is devoted to helping families and ownership groups navigate the new economy and achieve multigenerational success for their families, enterprises, and financial wealth.

Since 2011, Ms. Matos has been providing guidance to family-owned enterprises across Latin America, ranging from the second to the sixth generation, on matters of succession planning, profile assessment, and next generation development, which includes individual coaching and collective development programs.

Additionally, Ms. Matos holds positions as a guest professor at USP, FGV-SP, and Link School of Business, focusing on career development and subjects related to family enterprises.

Prior to her tenure at CFEG, Ms. Halina gained 15 years of experience at various organizations such as ABN Amro Bank and the Brazilian Stock Exchange, specializing in human resources and diversity & inclusion. She also has experience in consulting projects related to mental health initiatives for corporate settings as well as human development projects in multinational companies.

Ms. Matos holds a BA in Psychology and a MBA from the University of Sao Paulo, with a specialization in career counseling from FIA-SP.Parte superior do formulário

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