Cambridge Family Enterprise Group is pleased to make our team of experts available for media interviews. We are the leading resource on family enterprise worldwide, and have pioneered the field of family enterprise study, advisory services, education, and research since the 1970s.

Reporters and producers are invited to contact us for expert commentary on family business, family enterprise, family wealth, leadership, succession, ownership, governance, and multigenerational topics. We are sensitive to deadlines and do our best to accommodate requests.

Our team of experts is regularly cited in the media to offer comments on family enterprise topics of interest, such as:

  • Multigenerational Family Enterprise Success
  • Reasons for the superior performance of family companies
  • Nepotism
  • Leadership & Succession
  • Next Generation, including the Millennial Generation
  • Ownership and Inheritance
  • Family Wealth
  • Family Offices
  • Philanthropy and Social Impact
  • Governance: Boards of Directors, Ownership Governance, Family Governance
  • Strategies for Profitable Business Growth
  • Megatrends facing international businesses, including Globalization, Innovation, and Digitalization
  • Selling the Family Business
  • Post-liquidity Families
  • Family Dynasties
  • Family Unity and Family Conflict
  • Additional topics including those we teach found here

The Cambridge Family Enterprise Group, founded in 1989, is a global advisory, education, and research organization dedicated to family-owned enterprises. We help families in business to achieve transformative change and multigenerational success for their families, ownership groups, enterprises, and financial wealth. CFEG helps enterprising families—those with a family company, family foundation, family office or with significant family wealth—to address and transcend the important, often complicated, and sensitive family, business, ownership, and financial issues that they face to achieve multigenerational sustainability. More information is found at or on Twitter @CambridgeFE.

Dr. John A. Davis is the Founder and Chairman of Cambridge Family Enterprise Group, and has taught at Harvard Business School since 1996. He is recognized globally as a pioneer and foremost authority on family enterprise, family wealth, leadership, and succession, and as one of America’s leading wealth advisors. Trained in business management, psychology, and economics, Professor Davis advises the world’s leading families on the significant issues they face as they build multigenerational family enterprises. For decades, his insights, advice, lectures and writing have helped to develop leaders, professionalize businesses, strengthen families, and pass enterprises from one generation to the next. Follow him on twitter @ProfJohnDavis and learn more at

Reporters and producers are encouraged to contact Dina Dvinov, Senior Operations and Marketing Manager, at [email protected] or +1 (617) 871-1498. We do our best to accommodate interviews and are sensitive to deadlines.