Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise is a highly specialized, international advisory firm serving family enterprises. It is devoted to helping families achieve multigenerational success for their families, enterprises, and financial wealth. Founded in 1989 by Professor John A. Davis, Cambridge Advisors is the premier, global advisory firm in its field.

A cornerstone of our work is helping families prepare for the future, navigate today's turbulence, solve complex problems, and unlock opportunities for family enterprise systems in an integrated fashion across family, business, ownership, and wealth issues. We deeply understand, quickly assess, and diplomatically facilitate conversations and processes to offer pragmatic counsel around the needs and goals of the family enterprises we serve. Our expertise is based on our deep understanding of the complexities of family enterprises from our work with many of the leading families and family enterprises in the world over the last 30+ years.

Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise provides integrated advisory services that transform families and owners into more capable, better organized, and more united groups while supporting their enterprises, management teams, boards, and financial wealth to grow and prosper over generations. We advise families through a number of methods that are customized for each client. These may include diagnostic assessments, developing strategies, designing structures, processes, and plans, facilitating discussions and difficult conversations, developing talent, educating, and benchmarking as we advise on the following themes:

Family Strategy

Helping the family determine and implement its mission and vision according to its values, and strengthen its unity, relationships, and governance to achieve the family's goals. Also helping individual family members plan for and achieve their personal, professional, and life goals.

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Business Strategy

Helping the organization (the businesses, family office, or family foundation) determine and implement its mission, vision, and key strategies, scenario plan and prepare for a changing future, plan for generational transitions, and strengthen its organization, talent, and governance to achieve the organization's goals.

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Ownership Strategy

Helping the family determine and implement an effective portfolio of assets and activities, including the right ownership model and structure, governance forum, inheritance plan, financial strategy, and owner talent that supports the organization and strengthens the overall system.

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Wealth Strategy

Helping the family and family office assess the entire portfolio of assets and activities and design a total wealth strategy that will prudently grow financial wealth over generations and help the family build the value they want to build.

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Individual Development

Helping individuals develop their skills and build productive careers, effective relationships, and satisfying lives – regardless of whether they enter the family enterprise.

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Family Office Strategy

Assists the family to design, setup, and strengthen their family office and determine its appropriate role in the system, including implementing effective governance, management, operational efficiency, client service and multigenerational strategies for the family office.

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Initial Diagnostic Assessment

We commence each new client relationship with a thorough diagnostic assessment of the family enterprise. This allows us to understand the goals, dynamics, and history of the family enterprise and its members, and to identify priority issues to address.

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Integrated Approach

Our work is centered around an integrated approach to advising family enterprises. The long-term success of family enterprises depends upon the mutual support of the family, owners, business, and wealth. While it is important to understand how each of these groups functions as independent units, we at Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise see them as integrated into a system; the dynamics and decisions in one group impact the other groups. Planning and actions need to be integrated and compatible with one another. Real transformation is achieved when all groups improve their functioning at the right time and in the appropriate manner. Our integrated advice and education help to build holistic, lasting improvements for the entire system.


    We offer these services to Chinese families.