Navigate this Turbulent Era, Build Multigenerational Value, and Achieve Lasting Success for Your Family Enterprise.

The Cambridge Family Enterprise Group (CFEG), founded in 1989, is a global advisory, education, and research organization dedicated to helping enterprising families worldwide navigate the new economy and achieve multigenerational success.

We support owning families with growth aspirations–and their family businesses, family offices, family foundations, and financial wealth.

We deeply understand the ingredients and activities that lead to long-term success, and help families and ownership groups put in place the several factors that build strong and united families, enduring enterprises, sustainable wealth, and thriving social impact–in today’s changing world and for generations to come.


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The Future of Family Enterprise

Turbulence and Transformation in the 2020s

A Global Multigenerational Study

The Future of Family Enterprise is a call to action for owners facing unprecedented challenges – and significant opportunities – in what is forecast to be one of the most unstable and transformative periods in centuries. The white paper describes the new realities of change for enterprising families, and how to set new directions and adopt winning strategies for family enterprises and families themselves.

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Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise is a highly specialized, international advisory firm serving family enterprises worldwide. We help enterprising families pursue compelling missions, build economic and social value, and solve problems that limit their success––all to achieve multigenerational success.

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Our worldclass faculty and thought leaders deliver impactful programs on family enterprise success. Build your skills, learn new tools, and dive into crucial global issues as you develop your network in our short courses. Or in private programs, workshop your strategic issues and build alignment around your future roadmap. Design your next learning experience with the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise.

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Stay current and gain fresh knowledge to understand how family businesses, family offices, and family enterprises evolve in today’s world and how they can function better across generations.

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