We commence each new client relationship with a thorough diagnostic assessment of the family enterprise system. Through this informative process:

  • We learn the current and desired state of the family enterprise system
  • We understand the system’s strengths, potential, and vulnerabilities
  • We identify priority issues to address, from urgent concerns to important long-term issues
  • We recommend a practical plan for achieving the system’s goals and for being on the path of multigenerational sustainability.

The diagnostic assessment is an essential first step that allows our team of experts to understand the goals, aspirations, dynamics, strengths, challenges, and history of the family enterprise system and its members, and to benchmark the system with leading family enterprises around the world. It allows the family to voice their goals, opinions and concerns, and learn our approaches and methods. The process combines confidential in-depth interviews, information gathering, analysis of relevant documents, and on-site visits.

We integrate our observations of important strengths and issues in the system with the family’s and owners’ priorities, and then incorporate them into a set of recommendations and action plans that form the basis of our work together. The assessment process culminates in an in-person working session where we summarize our findings and recommendations, and collaboratively determine the right approach for moving forward. This process is crucial to aligning family members’ goals for the system, clarifying the tangible outcomes to achieve together, and prioritizing and sequencing the important work that lies ahead.

With our extensive experience advising many of the world’s highest performing, leading family enterprises, we bring our deep knowledge to bear in our observations, benchmarking, analysis, and recommendations. Each diagnostic assessment is unique and highly customized for a client engagement. Confidentiality is protected throughout this process.

We are glad to speak with you about our diagnostic assessment approach. Please contact us to learn more.