We seek colleagues who think deeply about unraveling complex situations, enjoy working in teams, are diplomatic, have individual expertise in a relevant field and are passionate about serving families. If you are intellectually curious, analytical, disciplined and driven, a collaborator, enjoy helping others be smart, non-judgmental about differences, globally-minded, humble and people-oriented, we would enjoy learning about your interest in supporting family enterprises.

Client Overview

Cambridge Advisors’ clients are high-performing and often high-profile families around the globe that own substantial businesses and financial investments. They seek assistance from us to ensure the long-term success of their enterprises, unity of their families and owners, and talent development of family members and non-family managers. Family Enterprise may include operating businesses, philanthropic activity, perhaps through a family foundation, a family office, and other collective activity of the family. Whether we are preparing family members of the next generation to become capable owners or employees of the family business, facilitating a succession transition from one generation to the next, designing a governance model for a family enterprise system, advising the board of directors on a long-term strategy, recommending policies for shareholder agreements between family members, or addressing tensions between family members, our goal remains the same: to deliver profound transformation to our clients for success across generations.

Available positions are listed below. Please direct communication to [email protected].


The Advisor is a key role in the effective delivery of advisory services to our clients. Under an apprenticeship model, the Advisor is assigned to two or more Partners, and possibly a Senior Advisor, in order to support their client project needs, develop professionally, and assist in the delivery of services on client projects. This involves background research and report preparation, industry research and analysis, client communications, preparation of meeting materials and presentations, tracking and ensuring delivery of action items, and tracking project progress. After an adequate training and orientation period–during which time there is deep learning of our theoretical frameworks and practical application for clients– the Advisor transitions to client-facing advisory work to support a client project team. After achieving the required skills and prerequisites, the Advisor may then later evolve into a Senior Advisor as the next career stage. Learn More >


The Family Council Project Coordinator (FCPC) is responsible for supporting the operational needs of a family council. A family council is a forum of family members connected to a family business who oversee the social, educational, informational, and strategic needs of a business owning family. Activities of a family council include, but are not limited to: • Organizing informational meetings about the family enterprise • Planning gatherings that promote family connection and collaboration • Establishing an educational agenda that promotes the learning of family business best practices and the knowledge and skills necessary to support the successful continuity of a family enterprise • Facilitating communication among family members and between the family and the family enterprise A family council meets quarterly in-person (locations vary within the US) and by phone when needed. The Project Coordinator is a critical support member helping to facilitate the family council’s ability to achieve its mission.  Learn More >