We assist client families with Family Strategy issues such as these:

  • Developing a family strategy for lasting success
  • Developing the family mission, vision and core values
  • Defining and assessing the family enterprise (set of joint activities that a family engages around), its members and its long-term objectives
  • Designing, facilitating and assessing the Family Council and Family Assembly
  • Developing family policies and constitutions (also known as the family charter or protocol)
  • Preparing customized development plans for family members to capably serve in their roles in the family enterprise (leaders, owners, board members, etc.)
  • Assessing and developing strategies for family member's personal life plans
  • Counseling on family relationships – including teambuilding, communication, conflict resolution and negotiation
  • Counseling families on the impact of wealth on families, adults and children
  • Preparing the next generation for generational transitions and liquidity events
  • Educating family members on the tenants of long-term family enterprise success
  • Developing family philanthropic strategies

Each client receives highly customized recommendations suited to their situation. Because of our breadth of experience advising families over three decades, we combine our recommendations with research findings and proven best practices from high-performing families that have endured.

Through our Family Strategy services, we help families achieve the following outcomes:

  • Define clear goals for the family and its enterprise
  • Develop strategies and alignment for achieving said goals
  • Build family talent to support the family's activities
  • Put in place governance structures and processes for making important decisions
  • Perpetuate positive relationships and unity among family members
  • Behave as responsible stewards and builders of their wealth
  • Make a positive impact on society
  • Achieve smooth generational transitions to a prepared next generation


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