The Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise develops customized, private education programs and teambuilding retreats for family enterprises worldwide. These skill-building programs strengthen the talent pool in the family, ownership group, board, management team, and in the next generation. They are tailored to help individuals prepare for their current and future roles, and to build alignment around achieving the family’s and owner’s vision for the family and enterprise.

These talent-building programs provide participants with many benefits:

  • Build essential skills and understandings that grow family and owner talent
  • Prepare family members, particularly the next generation, for future roles as leaders, owners, and contributing family members
  • Align family members around the strategies and approaches for multigenerational success of the family enterprise
  • Renew the family’s engagement with, and commitment to, the family enterprise
  • Strengthen family relationships and team cohesion

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Owner Development Program
to build the ownership capabilities and stewardship in the family and ownership group.
Board Member Development Program
to prepare owners and successor board members to capably serve on the board of directors of the family business, family office, or philanthropic foundation.
Leadership Development Program
to prepare family members for leadership roles in their family enterprise. Through a combination of assessments, coaching, mentoring, training, and other methods, this fully customized immersion trains future leaders on the essentials of the corporate world, the global landscape, family dynamics, emotional intelligence, and many more dimensions.
Next Generation Personal Life Planning Program
to shepherd family members through the personal and professional behaviors needed to develop as a healthy adult and positive contributor to the family enterprise. Specific topics vary, but may include: Designing your life and career; interpersonal communication and assertiveness; psychological impact of wealth on individuals; preparing to marry or partner; social media protection; dealing with the media; and other topics.
Entrepreneurship 101
to learn how to start a new venture.
Financial Fluency Program
to build the corporate and personal financial competencies of family members, owners, successors, and the next generation, including age-appropriate financial education for the young generation.
Direct Investing
Active Owner Readiness
Building Cousin Teams
Business Literacy Program
to build the essential understandings of business organizations, functions, and processes, including strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, operations, financial statements, organization structure, ownership, and corporate governance, among other topics.
Governance Best Practices Program
to build awareness and understanding of how high-performing governance functions in multigenerational family enterprises—including business governance, ownership governance, family governance, family office governance, and philanthropic foundation governance.
Family Office Leader Immersion Program
to provide family office managers the essential understandings and tools they need to successfully lead the family office, navigate the family enterprise system, and avoid the common pitfalls that strain the system.
Multigenerational Success Program
to offer family members state-of-the-art learning about why family businesses outperform their non-family competitors (on average), the essential strategies that lead to multigenerational success of a family enterprise, and how high-performing families navigate these complexities and survive for generations.
Teambuilding Retreats
that strengthen family and owner relationships, engage the family around its mission, and build family unity as the family grows in size and diversity over time.
Innovation Tours
The Owner’s Portfolio
Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Additional customized programs are available. We invite families and organizations that are interested in a customized education program to contact us.