In multigenerational families, developing family talent is a cornerstone for the success of a family enterprise. Motivated, accomplished, and fulfilled family members—who understand their role in the system—build a solid base for family talent to contribute to the family enterprise. We believe that every individual should be given the opportunity to contribute in some manner to the family enterprise system—in a constructive, structured, and productive manner.

When family members devote time and effort to identifying their aspirations and talents, and creating development plans, the family enterprise benefits enormously. The enterprise is able to identify where talent lies in the family, integrate family members into appropriate roles, plan for succession, and align the enterprise’s goals with the family’s realistic contributions.

Our Development Center offers the following assistance to family members at different stages of their lives:

  • Assessments: An array of individual and group assessments that increase self-awareness of strengths, interests, and development opportunities, and help identify talent for succession planning
  • Development Plans: Customized career development plans and personal life planning to explore new opportunities, evaluate interests, strengthen performance, achieve professional advancement, and create the conditions for a successful life
  • Coaching: Leadership coaching and career coaching for the individual to identify career choices, and receive ongoing growth and development guidance for specific career goals or to prepare for future roles in the family enterprise system.
  • Teambuilding: Group activities to strengthen teams, help team members understand one another more deeply, and improve their communication, work relationships, and productivity. Teambuilding activities are also useful during the succession process to build effective next generation teams and co-leaders.

These services help individuals build productive careers, effective relationships, and satisfying lives – regardless of whether they enter the family business.

We invite you to contact us to learn how our Development Center can assist you, your family, and your family enterprise to identify and develop talent.