The 2020s are forecast to be one of the most unstable and transformative periods in centuries.

How do enterprising families transform themselves and their enterprises to survive and prosper through the 2020s and into the next generation?

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How global forces are impacting families and family enterprises
The new formula for family enterprise success
5 transformation strategies to enact now
Discussion guide for your family's conversations about the future
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80% of survey respondents expect moderate to radical turbulence through the 2020s

Families must understand this new era and develop the skills and strategies to navigate it. Enterprising families who aren’t prepared to address new opportunities and threats will get left behind.

John Davis, CFEGDr. John Davis
Leader of the Study
MIT Professor and CFEG Chairman

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Is your family ready?

Is your family enterprise ready?

It is Time to Act

Surviving in this turbulent era requires nearly constant adaptation with some significant transformation by family enterprises and families.

Family members have a collective responsibility to write their transformation story together.


Understand the challenges and opportunities presented by these changing times, and their impact on your family and family enterprise


Talk with your family to generate meaningful, multigenerational dialogue about what the future holds for your family and family enterprise, and how you will seize it


Take the right steps to prepare you for the future and succeed through this turbulent decade


Own your transformation journey as a family, and chart the course that will lead your family to build the value you want to build


Cambridge Family Enterprise Group (CFEG) is a globally recognized authority on family enterprise and family wealth. Founded by Professor John Davis in 1989, CFEG is a thought leadership, advisory, education, and research organization dedicated to helping owning families worldwide achieve multigenerational success and navigate changing times. Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise (CIFE) is its research and education division. Additional information can be found at


Citi Private Bank is dedicated to serving worldly, wealthy individuals and families. As a subsidiary of Citigroup, it provides customized private banking in more than 100 countries. Bringing clients the latest thinking, strategies, and approaches for tackling pressing issues is fundamental to Citi Private Bank’s family approach, which helps families protect and build wealth for themselves, their loved ones, future generations, and our world. Additional information can be found at

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We love helping families get ready for the future.

We can talk with and workshop with your family, owners, board, or executive team about how to perform well as a family enterprise in these turbulent times.

We also welcome media interviews about the study.

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