“The workshop fundamentally transformed our enterprise.”


3rd generation | family business, U.S.
Private, Customized Owners Workshop

“The best use of my time in the last decade.”

— Founder/Chairman

2nd generation | family business and investment portfolio, U.S.
Customized Program on Multigenerational Success

“I wish my family had known about the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise sooner.”

— Founder/Chairman

2nd generation | family business and investment portfolio, U.S.
Building a Worldclass Board for the Family Enterprise

A highly valuable program full of great content and amazing faculty who are able to provide incredible insight into how family businesses should structure their boards and governance. We thoroughly recommend the program as a must for all family businesses.
— Founder/CEO
1st generation family business, U.K.
Thanks for making such a compelling case on how family enterprises need to prepare for the digital technology developments to evolve and be alive for generations.
— CFEG Webinar Attendee
LIVE Webinar
“We found the program incredibly valuable. We are a first generation business, and the program has helped us structure our family and business boards to ensure a smooth transition to the second generation. It also provided us with a greater understanding of the difference between an operational board and an ownership board, as the business moves from being owner-managed to being professionally managed.”

1st generation family business, U.K.

“I found the Boards Program truly inspiring and loved every minute of it. It answered all the questions that I had about good family business governance. Great value not just in transformative content, but also in meeting and sharing with other families.”
— Family Chairwoman

7th generation family business, U.K.

“Very informative sessions on how the family-owners-CEO should interact effectively, with specific instructions on how to create the necessary governance tools (boards and committees). We very much enjoyed it, and are certain that there is a lot that we will apply to our boards.”
— Non-family Vice-President of Operations

2nd generation multi-billion dollar family business, Mexico

“Your speech was incredible. I was prepared to be impressed, but not blown away with how useful and practical your talk was. It resonated vibrantly with our experience over five generations of family leadership.”
— Family Owner

5th generation family owner | Multi-billion dollar family business, U.S.

“The Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise workshop fundamentally transformed our enterprise. It gave us altitude and the ability to look at our assets and future from a high-level owners’ perspective. A game-changer.”
— Non-Family CEO

3rd generation family business, U.S.

Custom Family Education Program
“Excellent value; tons of learning. Some parts were like drinking from a fire hose! Tons of takeaway value.”
— Family Owner

2nd generation family owner, Angola

“The combination of educational presentations with individual consultation during the program is a perfect model. Participating in the Worldclass Boards Program has been very helpful in moving our family forward.”
— Board Chair or Director

4th generation Lead Family Director, U.S.

“I was dragged to this event by my kids, and really didn’t want to attend, but it turned out to be the best two days of my YEAR. My mind was blown.”
— Board Chair or Director

Family Chairman, 2nd generation family business, Canada

“We just concluded our Board meeting. I brought a lot of my Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise experience from the course to the executive sessions. It was immensely helpful.”
— Family Owner

2nd generation family owner, UAE

Custom Family Education Program
“I would like to congratulate the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise team for the incredible quality of the conference. It was really one of the best that we have attended.”
— Family Council Member

Vice President of Family Council, Brazil

Custom Family Education Program
“Thank you for all that the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise did over the last few days to put together a phenomenal program for us. We learned a lot, and have a mile-long list of to-dos’ coming out of it.”
— Family Owner

3rd generation family owner, U.S.

Custom Family Education Program
“The three days that we spent with the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise were most impactful for my nephew and me. It was an honor to be present.  Thank you for a worldclass program.”
— Family Owner

3rd Generation Family Business Owner, U.S.

Custom Family Education Program
“After 35 years of attending courses, programs and seminars, the Building a Worldclass Board for the Family Enterprise last September was truly excellent and by far the best program I have ever attended.”
— Family Owner

2nd generation CEO, Ireland

“I couldn’t sleep after Prof. Davis’ talk on succession – I woke up the next day and set up a call with my daughter and my nephew to start the conversation.”
— Family Owner

2nd generation family owner, U.A.E

Custom Family Education Program
“I appreciated the expertise, content, discussion, and homework assignments. Everything had tremendous value.”
— Family CEO

Custom Family Education Program, Private Program on Succession
“Thank you for orchestrating such a stimulating and informative program. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the group, and I am feeling energized and confident that I can continue to make evolutionary progress within our family organization.”
— Family Executive

5th generation family business, U.S.

“Making Family Council‘s More Effective was a valuable conference for me. Our family council is thriving, but this conference gave me powerful insight on ways we can grow and improve into the next generations.”
— Shareholder Director

4th generation family business, U.S.

“Thank you so much for this course and the information shared over the last 4 days.  It is one of the best courses in family governance I have attended and will be looking for more of your offerings in the future!”
— Family Vice Chair, Board of Directors

15th generation family business, U.S.

“The Future Family Enterprise Program grounded and advanced our understanding, confidence and leadership as Owners, Directors and G4 parents.”
— Owners

4th generation | US Family business

“Jose said he’s never seen the family this engaged or interested in this topic.”
— Vice Chair of the Board

5th generation, Brazil

Custom Family Education Program, Sustaining Success