The family office is a strategic vehicle for enterprising families to achieve their important goals, from wealth building, to family talent development, to social impact, and family unity, among others. However, many family offices perform sub-optimally, do not understand their role or their potential role in the family enterprise, and never survive the founder to become multigenerational entities.

CFEG assists families and family offices to design, setup and strengthen their family office and determine its appropriate role in the system.

Our Family Office Practice

Our advisory services include:

  • Setup of a new family office, or strengthen an existing family office
  • Define the overall purpose and role of the family office, and the family’s current and future needs and expectations
  • Design the organizational structure and architecture of the family office
  • Design and implement an effective governance model, decision-making process, and reporting process for the family office
  • Identify the leadership profile and talent needs of the family office
  • Achieve operational efficiency, including clarity around its clients, scope of services, staffing, pricing, cost and time allocation, procedures, technology, software, and reporting
  • Performance metrics and measurement for the family office
  • Movement from a tactical family office to a strategic family office
  • Succession planning and multigenerational strategies for the family office
  • Periodic audit, assessment and efficiency check of the family office

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