We assist client families to develop multigenerational wealth strategies that include:

Creating a wealth development strategy for a family's “Total Wealth” (all joint assets), which involves:

  • Analyzing business and family portfolios
  • Projecting future growth based on multiple factors and scenarios (e.g. family goals, desired returns, risk profiles, family consumption, and many others)
  • Recommending investment and diversification strategies
  • Developing plans to grow the family's financial wealth

Assisting the family with the design, implementation, and benchmarking of their Family Office by:

  • Designing the right family office model tailored to the needs of the family
  • Supporting the setup and implementation of the family office organization
  • Reviewing on a regular basis the performance of the family office

Supporting the family in developing an investment and family office governance system that allow the family to maintain control and oversight of their wealth and advisors, such as:

  • Designing and facilitating an Investment Committee, Family Office Board, Portfolio Board, Owners Council, and other governance mechanisms
  • Advising on the consolidated reporting and dashboard that a family should review on a regular basis


A useful place to start is with a Health Check, which is a review of the family's Investment Strategy and Investment Governance. This check-up reviews the family’s investment portfolios, investment returns, risks, costs, reporting, and governance. It provides:

  • An overview of these aspects of a family's portfolio, which offers transparency to families who have outsourced or delegated these activities and may be unaware of them
  • Identification of possible shortcomings and areas for improvement for investment returns or investment governance
  • Recommendations for improving investment oversight to ensure the family remains in control of its wealth, and retains permanent oversight on its investments, managers, banks, and advisors

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