WEBINAR REPLAY: Leadership Transitions from Siblings to Cousins, and Among Cousins

Dr. Pascale Michaud
Partner and Senior Advisor, Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise; Fellow, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise
Andrés Maldonado
Partner, Virtus Partners
This webinar originally took place live in May 2020.

The webinar also took place in Spanish

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The webinar is also offered in Spanish


A webinar to prepare sibling- and cousin-owned family enterprises for the complexity of leadership transitions, especially in disruptive times

This webinar is for post-founder family enterprises as they plan for sibling-to-cousin and cousin-to-cousin transitions. It is valuable for active family owners, governance members, and leaders in sibling and cousin groups that own large, diversified enterprises around the world.

Transitions from siblings to cousins, and among cousin ownership groups, deeply challenge a family enterprise. These transitions from the 2nd to 3rd generation, and beyond, require the family enterprise to transform its governance design, leadership model, and talent teams to be capable of thriving in complex environments. This is particularly true of today’s new reality.

Through work with several multigenerational family enterprises at the cousin stage and in transition from siblings-to-cousins, we have developed a framework and structured process to support effective leadership transitions at these stages. In this live webinar, we want to guide family owners by sharing some of our approaches and lessons learned, including how these transitions need to adapt to today's new reality.

Pascale Michaud, CFEG partner and portfolio strategist
Partner and Senior Advisor, Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise; Fellow, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise

Pascale Michaud is an advisor to family enterprises throughout the world on strategies and governance models for their successful continuity. She advises multigenerational family enterprises on issues of corporate growth, business strategy and governance, innovation management, digital preparedness, leadership transitions, next-generation development, family governance, and family and corporate philanthropy.

Andrés Maldonado

Andrés Maldonado, Partner, Virtus Partners
Partner, Virtus Partners

Mr. Maldonado advises family-owned conglomerates on achieving long-term sustainability of their family assets. Based in Bogotá, Colombia, he manages the Latin American advisory practice for Virtus Partners. His work is devoted to advising owners on their enterprise vision, total portfolio, governance, strategy, and organization. He has extensive experience assisting family business owners with upgrading their business organizations and governance systems, planning and executing leadership transitions between generations, and setting up investment companies and single family offices. He advises owners councils and boards on industry disruptions, innovation and digitalization strategies, and how to compete in today’s world. Mr. Maldonado has served as chairman and board member of several organizations and owners councils. He speaks at conferences on disruptive trends, business strategy, corporate governance, board leadership and multigenerational success. [email protected]