Live, Online Program

Making Family Councils More Effective

March 1-4, 2022

A 4-day, Interactive Workshop on Family Governance for Tomorrow’s World

March 1-4, 2022
Daily 11:30 – 3:00 EDT

2nd Edition Program

In a series of live, online sessions over four days, Family Council leaders and members from family enterprises across the world gather to explore how Family Councils must adapt to add strategic value in today’s disruptive world.

Active participation is required. Sessions include live, interactive presentations by faculty, daily working sessions in small workgroups, self-reflection and analysis of your own Family Council, and active dialogue and support among participants and faculty.

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We have entered a new age for enterprising families – A new age that calls for Family Councils to elevate their support of the family and its enterprise. It is time for Family Councils to take an active, strategic role in preparing the family for the bold moves that will keep the family and its enterprise adaptive and successful in the New Economy and New Society.

In today’s complex world, family governance is more needed than ever but must adapt to stay effective.

How does a Family Council pivotally help the family to stay united and decisive, build key talent, and support its enterprise?

How do Family Councils need to adapt to add strategic value in today’s disruptive world?

Join us for an advanced program for mature Family Councils to explore how to elevate the Family Council’s strategic support of the family and its enterprise, and prepare the family for tomorrow’s world.

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“By attending the program, I gained a comprehensive analysis of how to maximize the benefits of a family council. There were so many takeaways about how to improve the effectiveness of our council. The materials are of the nature and quality that they can be revisited regularly to find even more useful takeaways depending on the matters the council is facing.”

Past Participant

Making Family Councils More Effective

Program Summary

We invite you to join Family Council leaders and members from around the world—in sibling and cousin family enterprise systems—to collectively explore how a strategic, dynamic, and proactive Family Council can do important work on behalf of the family and bring value to a family enterprise’s overall success.

Participants will:

1. Learn how the Family Council must strategically meet the future needs of the family and family enterprise

  • Discover how families and family enterprises are changing in today’s world and the latest trends for Family Councils to meet the future needs of modern families
  • Learn the role of family governance in supporting long-term family success in today’s disruptive world, and how to initiate and support change in the family and family enterprise
  • Explore how to create a Family Council strategy for 2021 and beyond, even when the future is less predictable

2. Create a tangible plan to revitalize their Family Council

  • Learn ways to revitalize an existing Family Council, elevate the role and status of the Family Council, and interconnect it with other governance forums
  • Assess their current family governance activities, identify goals and current roadblocks, and create a tangible plan for their Family Council to put into action after the program
  • Strengthen the capabilities of the Family Council leader and members to build a strategic Family Council
  • Reflect on how to compose, organize, and run the Family Council in these times of short attention spans and geographic dispersion

3. Exchange with other Family Councils from around the world on strategies and practices that work for complex family enterprises.

  • This unique program is discussion-based and problem-solving focused with abundant exchange, mutual support, and interactive breakout discussions among participants and faculty.


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“Faculty presentations and discussions at the program by John Davis and CFEG was impressive and impactful as always. I took away many gems, including an urgency to refresh our family mission and vision, a deeper understanding and better perspective on family unity, and ideas for enhancing our governance and family owner mindset.”

Past Participant

Making Family Councils More Effective


Professor John A. Davis
Founder and Chairman, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise

John A. Davis is a globally recognized pioneer and authority on family enterprise, family wealth, and the family office. He is a researcher, educator, author, architect of the field’s most impactful conceptual frameworks, and advisor to leading families around the world. He leads the family enterprise programs at MIT Sloan. He is the author of Enduring Advantage: Collected Essays on Family Enterprise, Next Generation Success and Generation to Generation: Life Cycles of the Family Business, a preeminent work in the family enterprise field.


Andrew Hier, CFEG

Andrew Hier
Fellow, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise

Andrew Hier is an advisor to business families globally on issues related to shareholder relationships, ownership strategies, succession and next generation issues, and governance of the family, owners and business. He is a Fellow at Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise where he teaches and facilitates in family business programs around the world. He is active in the Family Firm Institute, the premiere association of advisors serving families, and in 2020 he received the prestigious Interdisciplinary Achievement Award for outstanding achievement in the advancement of interdisciplinary services to business families.


Maria Sinanis, CFEG

Maria Sinanis
Fellow, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise

Maria Sinanis advises multigenerational family-owned enterprises of diverse sizes, generations and industries throughout North America, Latin America and Africa. She assesses the performance of family enterprise systems; advises on best practices; designs and implements governance structures for the family, owners and business; facilitates governance meetings and leads families through governance and process issues; guides next generation family members to prepare them for future roles; and addresses family relationship challenges.


Rachel Krol

Rachel Krol
Fellow, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise

Rachel Krol advises family-owned enterprises on the strategies for growing, unifying, and sustaining their enterprises into the next generation. As an attorney, mediator, coach, and professor of negotiation and dispute resolution, Rachel specializes in facilitating difficult conversations and constructive processes for building alignment. She advises families on building family and owner teams, family communication, conflict resolution, and negotiation. She also assists families with implementing effective family and owner governance systems and processes. Her work helps families and ownership groups build their capacity for effectively managing their relationships, communication, and conflicts.

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“This program provided a huge toolbox and comprehensive framework for understanding, building, assessing, and enhancing a high-functioning family council and family enterprise.”

Past Participant

Making Family Councils More Effective


Who Should Attend?

This Program is tailored for sibling and cousin family enterprise systems that have had a formal Family Council in place for at least three years. The program is taught at an advanced level for mature Family Councils that have moved beyond the “startup phase.” It is open to families from around the world with operating companies, a family office, and/or a private investment company – any of which are controlled by a sibling or cousin ownership group.

The Program is beneficial for Family Council leaders and members who are pivotally engaged in revitalizing their Family Council. It is attended by individuals from Family Councils around the world who are motivated to explore, assess, learn, share, and support one another in elevating their Family Councils to new heights. It is beneficial for individuals who are actively involved in Family Council leadership and strategic planning. Teams of two or more are encouraged to attend together in order to get the most out of the discussion-based, problem-solving approach of this program. Non-family members may attend if accompanied by a family member.



  • $2300 for the first participant, and
  • $1900 for each additional person from the same family or company

Space is limited so register today.

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