WEBINAR REPLAY: The Powerful Benefits of Shareholder Agreements in Sibling and Cousin Owned Family Businesses

Andrew Hier
Senior Advisor and Partner, Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise 
Dan Frosh
Senior Advisor, Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise

A webinar to explore the benefits and key dimensions of Shareholder Agreements for sibling and cousin owners of family businesses, family offices, and family assets.

Shareholder Agreements (also known as Ownership Agreements) are essential tools for the longevity of a family enterprise. As ownership passes from the founder generation to a team of siblings, and then to a group of cousins, it becomes increasingly complex. Effective Shareholder Agreements provide necessary clarity, stability, and resolution of a number of critical issues.

But too often, sibling and cousin ownership groups either have an outdated Shareholder Agreement that they inherited, which no longer reflects the current reality, or no Shareholder Agreement at all. Both scenarios leave a family enterprise vulnerable to a number of potential calamities.

Strong Ownership Agreements are tools that no family enterprise should be without, especially in this turbulent age. These legally enforceable contracts govern the rights, privileges, responsibilities, and restrictions of owners. They outline the authority, rules, processes, powers, and constraints of ownership control and ownership transfer. When prepared properly, Shareholder Agreements provide peace of mind that the family’s assets will be owned and transferred in accordance with the family’s goals, values, and wealth objectives.


The webinar is valuable for family owners at the sibling and cousin stage as well as heirs, trustees, board members, and trusted advisors to family-owned companies and family offices around the world. It is useful for families that do not yet have a Shareholder Agreement as well as those who need to revisit their current agreement.


This live webinar is delivered in English. It lasts 1 hour.

Please bring your questions to ask the speakers live during the webinar.

Andrew Hier, CFEG
Senior Advisor and Partner, Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise 

Andrew Hier is a Senior Advisor and Partner at Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise where he advises business families globally on issues related to shareholder relationships, ownership strategies, succession and next generation issues, and governance of the family, owners and business. He is a Fellow at Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise where he teaches and facilitates in family business programs around the world. He is active in the Family Firm Institute, the premiere association of advisors serving families.


Daniel Frosh, Advisor
Senior Advisor, Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise

Dan Frosh is an attorney and senior advisor to multigenerational families at Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise. He is a Certified Family Business Advisor and Family Wealth Advisor by the Family Firm Institute (FFI). He is a current member of the FFI board of directors and serves as the Managing Editor for FFI Practitioner.