Over the last 30 years, we have worked with thousands of families around the world, up close, as trusted advisors, confidantes, and educators.

In these privileged roles, we have been on the inside of families and their enterprises, often for many years, to help them unlock possibilities and set their course for a successful future. They invite us in to help the family and owners make decisions, make new investments, revitalize their organizations, resolve tensions, create new ways of owning and governing their business and family office, make space for the next generation to rise, and become more effective as an enterprising family. It is our privilege to walk their journey with them and to celebrate our exciting milestone with them.

It is an honor for us to serve multigenerational families around the world.

These accomplished families are filled with good people and progressive leaders. They are economic growth engines, community anchors, stewards of history, and innovators of the future. They drive value not only for themselves but for their communities and nations. We are motivated by families’ trust, collaboration, and dedication as we help them pursue their compelling missions.

We are motivated by families’ trust, collaboration, and dedication in pursuit of their compelling missions.


On September 1, 1989, John Davis incorporated a firm that would come to influence many of the world’s multigenerational families.

A founder recently asked me to help him create a plan for how to ensure a successful 500-year old company and family. It is fitting to receive this request in our 30th year when long-term success is top of mind. I am delighted that we can provide the answer to how to successfully build a 20th-generation family enterprise from the founder stage. We deeply understand the ingredients and activities that lead to long-term success. It is a privilege to help pioneering founders and their visionary heirs to put in place the several factors that will build strong families, enterprises, wealth, and communities for generations to come.

John A. Davis , CFEG Founder and Chairman


The Firm that Helps Family Enterprises Last for Generations Celebrates 30-Year Milestone

Cambridge Family Enterprise Group—known for its meaningful work helping multigenerational families across the globe sustain their success—celebrates 30 years in business. The global firm, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was born in 1989 of a deeply held belief by its founder, John Davis, MIT professor and pioneer of the family enterprise field.

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We believe in the power of enterprising families

It remains a core belief at the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group that by helping families discipline themselves to grow and transmit economic, social, and relational value––while living by the values that they deem meaningful––they are more likely than other groups to meet the needs of communities and nations. They are more likely to innovate, solve global problems, navigate turbulence, and endure over the long-term. Their steady leadership, stable ownership groups, long-term time horizons, long-term assets, persistent capital, innovative agendas, and stakeholder mindsets should give confidence to the world as we witness rapid global volatility.

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"We are pleased to have reached the 30-year milestone—longer than a generation—and we look forward to continuing to do great things to support families."

Helena McDonnell, CFEG partner and expert in succession and next generation preparedness

"We support and believe in family enterprises as a competitive and progressive form of business ownership."

Andrew Hier, CFEG partner and specialist in long-term ownership strategies.

"With business lifespans shortening to this degree, to have survived for 30 years is gratifying."

Maria Sinanis, CFEG partner who helps families architect governance models that are tailor-made and built to last

"Many of the practices that CFEG has taught and advised multigenerational families to embrace for the last 30 years have recently become fashionable among non-family companies. But families have been practicing these for centuries. Long-term success is in their DNA."

Eduardo Gentil, CFEG partner and corporate governance expert

"Families are hungry for an understanding of the disruptions and trends they face in today’s VUCA environment, and how they are being affected."

Courtney Collete, CFEG partner who leads the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise.

It is our core belief that enterprising families are more likely than other groups to meet the needs of communities and nations. Their leadership should give confidence to the world as we witness rapid global volatility.