Family Unity and Relationship Building

Conflict in business families is inevitable and normal, but when it escalates to a degree that causes division, slowed decision-making, or disrespect, it can cause irreparable damage. If left unattended, family conflict can become multigenerational–passed down and widely felt by the next generation.

A unified family is a strong team that is capable of weathering adversity, investing in meaningful relationships and activities, and creating value together. One of the goals of a business family is to learn how to manage conflict inside the family so that good family decisions surface, individuals grow in healthy ways, and relationships achieve their potential.

CFEG designs and facilitates family meetings, and counsels family members on their relationships to strengthen family unity; repair family relationships and unhealthy patterns; develop the family’s mission, vision and values statements; build teamwork; practice communication and negotiation techniques; put in place conflict resolution processes; and better manage natural family tensions. Our goal is to assist families in resolving family dissent before it damages family relationships or negatively impacts the company and financial wealth.

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