Making Family Councils More Effective
Cambridge Innovation Center – Boston
Boston, Massachusetts
October 5-7, 2020

Family Governance for Tomorrow’s World

A program for Family Councils in sibling and cousin systems to elevate their capabilities to support the family and its enterprise in today’s quickly changing (or “VUCA”) environment.


This program is designed for current and soon-to-be Family Council leaders and members, who are pivotally engaged in revitalizing their Family Council. It is attended by individuals from Family Councils around the world, who are motivated to explore, assess, learn, share, and support one another in elevating their Family Councils to new heights. The program is open to families with operating companies, a family office, or an investment company, any of which are controlled by a sibling or cousin ownership group. Participants must have had formal family governance in place for at least three years since this program is taught at an advanced level for mature Family Councils that have moved beyond the “startup phase.” It is beneficial for individuals—both family and non-family—who are actively involved in Family Council leadership and strategic planning. Teams of two or more are encouraged to attend together in order to get the most out of the cutting-edge discussion topics and problem-solving approach of this program.


Revitalize an existing Family Council

  • Resuscitate a stalled or underperforming Family Council
  • Elevate the role and status of an existing Family Council
  • Understand the role of family governance in supporting long-term family success in the New Economy
  • Revisit how your Family Council interconnects with various governance forums to provide effective support for your entire family enterprise system
  • Learn how Family Councils can initiate and support change in the family and Family Enterprise

Develop talent for the Family Council

  • Strengthen the individual abilities of Family Council Members and learn how to develop, empower, and support family governance leaders
  • Build strategic thinking capacity to anticipate problems and complexities the Family Council will likely face moving forward
  • Understand common pitfalls, challenges, and solutions to sustaining an active, valuable, and high performing Family Council over the long-term
  • Learn concepts and tools to help a Family Council diagnose and overcome current roadblocks

Create a Family Council strategy for 2020 and beyond

  • Understand the major discussion agendas of effective Family Councils: operations, policy setting, problem-solving, organizational, visioning and strategic planning
  • Explore how families are changing in today’s world and the latest trends for Family Councils to meet the future needs of modern families
  • Learn from other elite Family Councils about the strategies and practices that worked for them
  • Assess your current family governance activities and create a tangible plan for your Family Council to put into action after the program

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Faculty to be Announced

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Cambridge Innovation Center – Boston

CIC Boston is located on the 20th floor of 50 Milk Street in the heart of Boston’s financial district.


Registration will open on May 1st. Contact Us with questions. 

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