Discover How a Forward-Looking Board is a Powerful Tool for Owners to Steer their Family Enterprise in the Next Economy

Industries today face an accelerating rate of disruptive change, globalization, and competition.

More than ever, family businesses need value-creating Boards that partner with family owners and senior executives to set proper ambitious goals, adapt business models, and rethink resource allocation. A partnering family enterprise Board guides owners with scaling their business(es) through organic growth or acquisitions, divestitures, liquidity events, new investments, setting up a family office, or other important activities.

A well-constructed corporate governance Board is invaluable to growing family wealth and shaping the future of a multigenerational family enterprise.

That's why The Cambridge Family Enterprise Group invites you to our upcoming Building a Worldclass Board for the Family Enterprise conference from September 11th-September 14th in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I found the Worldclass Boards Program truly inspiring, and loved every minute of it. It answered all of the questions that I had about good family business governance.
- 5th generation Chairwoman of a global family business

Hear From Our Esteemed Faculty

Professor Philippe Haspeslagh, Program Chair; Professor and Honorary Dean

Professor John A. Davis, Founder and Chairman, Cambridge Family Enterprise Group

Eduardo Gentil, Fellow, Cambridge Family Enterprise Group

Andrew Hier, Fellow, Cambridge Family Enterprise Group

What You Will Learn In Our Corporate Governance Program

The Building a Worldclass Board for the Family Enterprise corporate governance program explores the following themes related to how owners can maximize the value of their board(s):

  • Governance Architecture: What are the different types of corporate governance boards, and what are the right boards for your family enterprise?
  • Role of the Board: What are the duties of an advisory board at different stages in a family enterprise’s evolution?
  • Board Design and Functionality: How is a board of directors in corporate governance structured, composed, managed, and led?
  • Board Performance: How is a board of directors’ effectiveness evaluated and strengthened?
  • Individual Impact: How do individuals more effectively contribute to the advisory board, or prepare to serve on or lead the board?

Registration Information

Early Registration Discount Ends June 24, 2022

  • $5,500 for the first participant, and
  • $3,500 for each additional person from the same company or family

Registration after June 24, 2022

  • $7,500 for the first participant, and
    $6,500 for each additional person from the same family or company

Registration fee includes tuition, a private advisory meeting with a faculty member, materials, and most meals.

Who Should Attend?

This program is tailored for operating companies, or portfolios of companies, controlled by family ownership groups. It is beneficial for current and future owners and board members—both family and independent—of privately-held or publicly-traded family businesses worldwide.

It is useful for teams of three or more to attend together—with at least one experienced board member—in order to get the most out of the deep discussions and forward-thinking planning that occurs during the program. Each team develops an Action Plan with specific goals and initiatives, with guidance from faculty during private meetings.

Family businesses at any stage are welcome. The course material is advantageous for those seeking to create a new board; revitalize an existing one; reconnect their board(s) to the overall vision for the enterprise; group boards together to achieve economies of scope; or add a board for the family office, investment company, impact investing foundation, or holding company.