Mario was passionate about his work and always recognized the wider purpose and values in each entrepreneurial family.

Mario was a Senior Advisor and Partner at Cambridge Family Enterprise Group (CFEG), based in Switzerland. He was an expert on family office design and management, trusts and wealth structures, impact investing and family philanthropy, and long-term wealth regeneration.

He had the privilege of meeting and assisting numerous families around the world, especially on topics where they could make a difference in people’s lives. His deep desire was to transmit knowledge to meet the family’s needs and empower younger generations. He was honored to co-write the Family Office Navigator with Peter Vogel, sharing their collective wisdom.

Unfortunately, Mario left us too early to complete this project about which he cared so deeply. Our gratitude extends to Peter as well as Mario’s colleagues at CFEG who supported its realization. This book will not only be valued for its written words, but its completion is also proof that the union of families and friendships can lead to the accomplishment of wonderful projects.

We are indebted to Courtney Collette, John Davis, Martin Liechti, and Marius Holzer from the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group for their valuable insights, countless feedback sessions, and overall contribution to the book, particularly in the face of the unexpected loss of our mutual friend and colleague, Mario.

In memory of Mario, we hope this book will stand as one of the pillar stones that protect and bind families together, not only in good times but also in challenging ones.

Ivana, Filippo, and Leonardo Marconi (Mario’s Family)


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Mario Marconi ArchintoMario deeply enjoyed leading families through the process of developing their wealth strategies in ways that integrated with their values and social responsibility. Mario spent his career in the financial services industry and joined CFEG in 2017. He became the entrepreneurial leader of our family office and wealth strategy advisory division, and became a CFEG partner in 2021. Mario was Executive-in-Residence at IMD where he taught with Peter Vogel in the Leading the Family Office program.

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