Are You Ready to Take Your Familiy Council to the Next Level?

Join us for the annual program, Making Family Councils More Effective: a four-session, live, online workshop designed to help Family Councils worldwide be more strategic and valuable to their families.

During the program, you will experience interactive, live presentations by faculty who are international experts in family governance and family enterprise. You will have knowledge-sharing opportunities with participant families from around the world and you will create a concrete plan to strengthen your Family Council.

Are you looking for the tools to keep your family united, decisive, and engaged with your family enterprise?

This is an advanced program, designed for Family Councils that are beyond the “startup stage" that have already done the hard work of launching family governance, and have some experience organizing their family and setting up the mechanics of their Family Council.

We will help you keep the momentum going, enhance the work of your Family Council, and benchmark with others.

“By attending the program, I gained a comprehensive analysis of how to maximize the benefits of a family council. There were so many takeaways about how to improve the effectiveness of our council.”
- Past Participant

Hear From Our Esteemed Faculty

Professor John A. Davis, Founder and Chairman, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise

Andrew Hier, Fellow, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise

Rachel Krol, Fellow, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise

Suzanne Glazer, Fellow, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise

What You Will Take Away From Our Family Governance Program

  • An action plan with concrete next steps to help my Family Council become even more effective.
  • A framework and template to develop an annual strategic plan for my Family Council.
  • New strategies and practices to strengthen family unity, develop family talent, and build family engagement.
  • Ways to elevate the stature of my Family Council within my family enterprise ecosystem.
  • Research-based insights into how families and family enterprises are changing in today’s world, and what my Family Council can do to prepare and lead my family through these changes.
  • Live interaction with the faculty, who are international thought leaders and experts in family enterprise, governance, family relationships and talent development; and much more!

Registration Information


Before June 21, 2024:

  • $2,500 USD for the first participant, and
  • $2,100 USD for each additional person from the same family or company

After June 21, 2024:

  • $3,000 USD for the first participant, and
  • $2,600 USD for each additional person from the same family or company

The program is particularly valuable for incoming Family Council Leaders as they begin their leadership tenure. When leaders attend with other Family Council members who they will be working closely with, teamwork is strengthened and useful planning is done to map the Council’s strategic goals and activities for the coming years.

Who Will Benefit From Attending?

Individual participants have a variety of roles within their family enterprise, including:

  • Current Family Council Leaders and Members who want to improve their effectiveness
  • Future Family Council Leaders and Members who want to prepare for their role and deepen their understandings
  • Leaders and Members of Owners Councils, Family Offices, Boards, and Senior Executive Teams who coordinate with the Family Council and wish to better support the efforts of the Family Council
  • Non-family members who support or work closely with the Family Council, Family Office, or other governance forums