Building Family Wealth Conference
Building Family Wealth Conference


Reshaping the Paradigm for Financial Stewardship and Healthy Families

June 6-7, 2013 | New York City


The Cambridge Institute is devoted to studying issues that fundamentally affect the lives of enterprising families. We are delighted to share and discuss the breakthrough results of our recent study on how families can grow their wealth over generations.

Financial wealth is a necessary resource connected to family success. It offers choices and freedom for families. It allows them to build enterprises, pursue their dreams, give back generously to their communities, and raise successful heirs. There is much to be learned from families that successfully grow their wealth and keep their families united and productive. Some of these families will present their strategies at the Building Family Wealth Conference, alongisde experts, academics and thought leaders.

It is unfortunately common for families that become wealthy to exhaust their wealth. As the adage goes, “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.” Families need to steward not just their businesses–but also their wealth–in order to support risk-taking and entrepreneurship in their enterprises, build innovation, maintain family unity, and adequately sustain family lifestyles, among other uses. Our research reveals the necessary ingredients to producing the financial returns required to regenerate wealth over generations.

Participants will take away:

  •     Results of the Cambridge Institute's breakthrough study on the strategies and ingredients necessary to support multigenerational wealth creation
  •     Successful strategies for growing wealth and developing wealth creators to build significant new wealth over generations
  •     Productive uses of wealth beyond financial investments
  •     Methods for diversifying family assets at the right time with the right strategy
  •     Ways to build and maintain a unified family and ownership group
  •     An understanding of the impact of wealth on family and individual happiness and success




Thank you to all those who have registered for the Building Family Wealth Conference. Registration is now closed as we have reached our full capacity for the conference.