Dr. Nina Christopher

Senior Advisor

Cambridge Family Enterprise Group

Dr. Nina Christopher is a senior advisor at Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise, a highly specialized international advisory firm serving family enterprises. Cambridge Advisors and Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise, an education and research institute, are divisions of Cambridge Family Enterprise Group, a global organization founded in 1989. It is devoted to helping families achieve multigenerational success for their families, enterprises, and financial wealth.

Based in New York City, Dr. Christopher draws on a unique blend of skills and insights as an advisor to family-owned enterprises, an executive coach and talent developer, and a licensed psychologist. She assists family-owned enterprises with addressing the delicate and complex issues that impact business growth, shareholder value, family unity, and multigenerational well-being. Her areas of focus include succession planning, leadership development, assessment and performance management, team effectiveness, family and owner unity, navigating change, and preparing the next generation to serve in their roles as owners, board members, and leaders. Dr. Christopher’s expertise is to build families’ and organizations’ capabilities to innovate, problem solve, and operate with increased confidence and self-reliance. Her work crosses all sectors, geographies, and stages of growth, from founder-led companies to multigenerational conglomerates.

Dr. Christopher brings her training as a clinical psychologist and 20 years of advising CEOs, boards, and investors to her advisory engagements. Before joining Cambridge Advisors, she founded the Horatio-Rose Group, a boutique leadership advisory firm to address the human capital challenges facing today’s family and non-family businesses. Previously she was a partner at several international consulting firms, one of which pioneered the field of management psychology in the early 1950s.

Client engagements have included: assessing a group of senior executives to identify strengths, areas for growth, ambitions, interests and motivations to help them prepare for roles of increasing scope and responsibility; working with the board and CEO to create a roadmap for succession; developing successors to capably serve in their roles; helping a senior team clarify and align around objectives, roles, accountabilities, and how to effectively engage the next level of leadership with the organization’s strategy; implementing a learning program to support business model innovation, leadership development and organizational transformation.

Dr. Christopher is a Licensed Psychologist in New York State. She is certified to administer and interpret a broad range of assessment tools relevant to her advisory work with family enterprises.

She earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern University, and B.A. from Barnard College, Columbia University where she graduated with Distinction in Philosophy.

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