Fabio Salaorni

Fabio Salaorni

Senior Advisor

Cambridge Family Enterprise Group

Mr. Salaorni is a Senior Advisor at Cambridge Family Enterprise Group-Brazil, a highly specialized, international advisory, education and research organization serving family enterprises. Founded in 1989, it is devoted to helping families achieve multigenerational success for their families, enterprises, and financial wealth.

Mr. Salaorni has developed his career both in consulting and global corporate companies since 2007, working in multiple sectors as education, retail, construction, mining and agriculture.

As an executive he consistently delivered outstanding results through creative and assertive conduct and a constant hands on work. As a consultant, his major characteristics lies on a great comprehension of people and environment, critical to ensure the accurate time and proper solutions.

He’s been with Cambridge Family Enterprise Group since 2016. Mr. Salaorni has helped family-owned businesses in their ownership, business and family strategies, implementing the 3 circles methodology. Additionally, he has conducted management projects, improving financial, operational and commercial results. Lastly, he implemented projects of sourcing, including in company training programs.

Before CFEG, Mr. Salaorni was a Global New Business Development Manager at Votorantim, where he was responsible for four businesses. In this role, he led the expansion x divestments project of aggregates business (construction sector) in European countries, likewise for soil amendments materials in Brazil and go-to-market projects of ready-mix and mortars in Latam. He also promoted benchmarks in Canada to improve the overall results of both, Brazilian and Canadian, operations. Prior to this, Mr. Salaorni consolidated his managerial skills by leading industrial and mining sites as a territory manager with five operations, amongst them, one with the largest limestone quarry of Brazil.

Mr. Salaorni holds post-graduation degree in Business Administration at FGV, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineer at FAAP. Besides, he has studied Corporate Finance at FIA and M&A at ESADE (Spain). He speaks fluent Portuguese, English and Spanish, intermediate French and basic German.

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