Dr. Elliot Schildkrout

Dr. Elliot Schildkrout

Senior Advisor and Associate Partner

Cambridge Family Enterprise Group

Dr. Elliot Schildkrout is a senior advisor and associate partner at Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise, a highly specialized, international advisory firm serving family enterprises, and a fellow at Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise, a leading education and research institute on the issues family enterprises face. Both organizations comprise Cambridge Enterprise Family Group, a global organization founded in 1989. It is devoted to helping families achieve multigenerational success for their families, enterprises, and financial wealth.

A trained psychiatrist, family enterprise advisor, and investment advisor, Dr. Schildkrout assists multigenerational families throughout the world on strategies for the successful continuity of their enterprises. He advises on issues of succession, family relationships, management restructuring, executive coaching, the development of corporate governance structures, and the design and implementation of family governance systems. He has helped numerous business families create more effective communication skills as they navigate issues of succession, next generation development, financial planning, and effective business work relationships. He advises senior generation business leaders on planning their next chapter after they pass executive positions to their successor.

Dr. Schildkrout has served as a facilitator and guest lecturer at Harvard Business School’s Families in Business program, a six-day course that examines pivotal issues facing family enterprises. He has taught classes on effective family communication, mastering difficult conversations, governance best practices, next generation development, and family philanthropy strategies. Over the last thirty years, he has taught both clinical and theoretical seminars on a variety of psychiatric and psychoanalytic topics.

Dr. Schildkrout has an active private therapy practice for individuals, couples, and families, helping them develop more effective skills in communication and conflict resolution. He is former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Psychoanalytic Society of Boston. He has been the discussant of numerous theoretical papers, has supervised trainees and experienced clinicians, and has run supervisory courses for groups of senior clinicians. Dr. Schildkrout has also worked with non-profits to help them develop more effective governance.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Rochester, Dr. Schildkrout earned his MD from New York University.