Rodrigo Pecchiae

Senior Advisor and Partner

Rodrigo Pecchiae is senior advisor and partner at Cambridge Family Enterprise Group–Brazil, a highly specialized, international advisory, education, and research organization serving family enterprises. Founded in 1989, it is devoted to helping families and ownership groups navigate the new economy and achieve multigenerational success for their families, enterprises, and financial wealth.

Mr. Pecchiae specializes in corporate and family governance. He is an expert in governance for the implementation, development and improvement of governance structures and agents.

Prior to CFEG, Mr. Pecchiae mentored board chair’s, directors, CEOs, executive heirs, and other other governance stakeholders.

Mr. Pecchiae received his Board Member certification by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance in 2006 and has been a professor of the IBGC’s course for Board Members since 2016.

Mr. Pecchiae earned his MBA from Universidade São Judas Tadeu, Insper, Getulio Vargas Foundation. He is a lawyer specializing in Corporate Law. He is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

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