Celebrating 25 Years

Remarks from our Founder
Prof. John A. Davis

Twenty-five years in business is an important milestone for the Cambridge Institute and Cambridge Advisors and we are delighted to celebrate this achievement with you. Established in 1989 as OMBI– a research, educational and advisory organization–we recently changed our name to the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group, but we have remained completely true to our original mission.

Our mission is to help families and their enterprises—their businesses, family offices, foundations and financial wealth—to achieve lasting and meaningful success. We do our work through:

Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise, developing leading-edge research, conferences, educational programs, publications and assessments on the topics that matter most to families and their enterprises, and

Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise, advising individual families on their strategies and helping them address particular challenges and goals.

This 25-year journey has been an exciting, pioneering march for all of us at Cambridge. The family business field, after all, is a relatively new field and one that is still growing and changing. And this has been a meaningful personal journey for me. As an academic confronting this new territory since the 1970s, I have been motivated by the development of helpful conceptual frameworks such as the Three-Circle Model. As an advisor, I have been motivated by the trust and collaboration of the wonderful families around the world I have been privileged to serve. And as an organization builder, I have been motivated by the dedicated, ethical, really bright and engaging people I get to work with.

Today, we at Cambridge are exploding with new energy as we do pioneering research on the topics of family wealth, family entrepreneurship, and next generation development, and we put our new knowledge to work for families around the world. We are systematically building new frameworks and assessment tools to help families better understand and benchmark the performance of their organizations, governance and financial wealth. We are creating an assessment center for next generation members that can not only help measure their capabilities but also guide them to make good personal, career and life decisions. We are bringing the best minds in the field together to constantly create new, pragmatic material to publish and distribute at our conferences and educational programs.

And none of this would be possible without the enthusiastic and steadfast support of families like yours. From all of us at Cambridge, please accept our heartfelt thank you and our pledge that the best in our service to you is yet to come.